Why GEMS ?

GEMS (GMR Engineering & Management Services), a pioneer in the field of Engineering and Management offers a bouquet of services to airports worldwide. At the core, we have expanded our Engineering and Management capabilities with a focus on operational excellence, commercial performance, and sustainability. Our experience in managing the highly acclaimed Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad is indeed our greatest strength.

With over 15 years of experience, we are a one-stop solution provider for Engineering and Management services. With a complete gamut of integrated Engineering solutions for airports and beyond, we offer high-quality and cost-effective solutions. With a diverse skillset of over 250 highly qualified engineers, we help our clients enhance their business with efficient, flexible, and sustainable services that are cost-effective, high-quality solutions.
Covering a total area of 10 million square meters, GEMS provides world-class services that comply with local and global standards.

Key Highlights

    Efficient Functionalites
  • Engineering Functions (Manpower & Asset Management)
  • Resources Planning and Optimization
  • Technological / Innovation deployment
  • Value / Reverse Engineering
    Resources and Capabilities
  • Managed by competent and experienced professionals
  • Project execution and operational Management capabilities
  • Integrated Services Management
  • Additional & alteration of existing assets
    Solution Optimization
  • Best Practices and Standardization
  • Contract Consolidation / Rationalization / Optimization
  • Indigenization
  • Testing & Commissioning
    Impactful Solutions
  • Client-focused customized Engineering solutions
  • Close Supervision and Management
  • Quality in-line with world-class benchmarks